FAQ Guide: Landlord Tax Deductions for UK Property Owners Using a Limited Company

Author: Chris Neame BFP FCA CA(ANZ)


Understanding tax deductions is crucial for UK landlords operating through a limited company, aiming to optimise their rental property’s financial performance. This guide addresses frequently asked questions to navigate tax deductions efficiently and ensure compliance.


Window and Boiler Repairs

Q: Can window replacement and boiler repair costs be deducted?

A: Yes, costs for window replacements due to damage not caused by tenants and boiler repairs are deductible, as they are considered maintenance expenses.


Property Maintenance

Q: Are expenses for maintaining my property’s brickwork, gas, water leaks, and electrical issues deductible?

A: Indeed, costs incurred in maintaining and repairing your property, including brickwork, leaks, and electrical faults, are deductible.


Structural Repairs

Q: What about roof or gutter damage repairs?

A: Repairs to your property’s roof or gutters are deductible expenses as they contribute to the property’s upkeep.


Bathroom Fixtures and Damp Treatment

Q: Can I deduct costs for updating bathroom fixtures or treating damp?

A: Yes, replacing bathroom fixtures with similar ones and costs for treating damp within the property are deductible.


Decorating and Renovation

Q: Is redecorating or renovating my property deductible?

A: Routine redecorating or renovations aimed at maintaining the property’s condition are deductible.


Running Costs

Q: Are service charges, ground rent, gardening, and cleaning expenses deductible?

A: Ongoing costs such as service charges, ground rent, and post-tenancy gardening and cleaning expenses are deductible.


Agency and Legal Fees

Q: Can I deduct letting agent fees and legal expenses?

A: Fees for services provided by letting agents and certain legal fees related to rental activity are deductible.


Insurance and Utilities

Q: Is landlord insurance deductible? What about utility bills for unoccupied properties?

A: Premiums for landlord insurance and utility bills during vacancies are deductible expenses.


Advertising and Vehicle Expenses

Q: Can costs to advertise for new tenants and vehicle expenses be deducted?

A: Advertising costs and a proportion of vehicle and fuel costs related to property management are deductible.


Furniture Disposal and Professional Fees

Q: Are disposal fees for old furniture and accounting fees deductible?

A: Yes, costs for disposing of old items and fees for accounting services directly related to your rental activity are deductible.


Communication and Association Fees

Q: Can I deduct a portion of my phone bill or landlord association fees?

A: The segment of your phone bill related to managing your rental and membership fees for landlord associations are deductible.


Capital Expenditures

Q: Are improvements to increase property value deductible?

A: Significant enhancements beyond the original state are capital expenditures, not immediately deductible but may be eligible for capital allowances.


Multi-unit and Pet Damage

Q: How are deductions handled for shared expenses or pet damage?

A: Shared expenses should be allocated across units for deduction. Repairs for pet damage caused by tenants are deductible.


Unpaid Rent and Eviction Costs

Q: Can losses from unpaid rent or eviction expenses be deducted?

A: After reasonable collection efforts, losses from unpaid rent are deductible, as are eviction-related expenses.



This guide aims to demystify tax deductions for landlords, promoting effective financial management and HMRC compliance. Maintaining detailed records and consulting a tax professional can maximise your deductions accurately.

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